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Paid Per Click & AdWords Campaign Management

Any successful pay per click Campaign does not happen online. To have an effective Pay per click campaign requires continuous efforts for a period of time. It requires effective keyword management, right ad placement, scheduling while keeping cost per click (CPC) in mind. Big management is also an aspect of PPC campaign. Lakhani Web offers successful PPC Management services. We focus on all aspects of PPC – from keyword research to launching ads effectively. Whether you have a local business or corporation, our company has team of people that has the skills set that is required to set up as well as manage an effective PPC Campaign. Our PPC Campaign Management Services have helped many businesses gain success online.

Get Leads and Conversions through PPC

In this digital world, it is very important to gain online visibility to make your service or business successful. Competition is fierce online but employing our services for Pay-per-click services or Adwords Management can put you ahead of the competition. It is a cost effective way to get noticed and make the most of the money spent.

At Lakhani Web, our team comprises of seasoned and experienced AdWords Specialists that can handle key words analytics, keyword search, AdWords set up, ad creation and much more. All campaigns are monitored closely to make changes if there is room for improvement or optimized for maximum return on investment.

Benefits of PPC or Adword Campaigns

If you are looking to grow your company, the right pay per click campaign can offer targeted success. PPC or AdWords gives you the opportunity to advertise to target customer set based on their searches and preferences online. It is a flexible option that can be scaled based on your budget and helps generate high quality leads. It also offers high conversion with low investment.  We at Lakhani Web take pride in offering exceptional PPC Services in Canada along with AdWords Campaigns in Canada.

How do our services for PPC or AdWords work?

In this digital era, things are always changing around and to be successful online, businesses need to keep up with the evolving world of the World Wide Web. At Lakhani Web, our PPC management services assess each business individually and create a plan based on its demographic to achieve the best results.

Keyword Analysis and Research

It is important to understand what the online habits of the core audience is. Keyword search plays an important role along with research on competitors to gain an edge over them online.

PPC Campaign Structure

Once research has been conducted and we have an understanding of the target market, a campaign is set up to meet the needs of the customers’ business and target audience.

Monitoring and Tracking

Measuring a campaigns success is very important. Thus, tracking and analyzing web traffic is an important aspect of the process. Reports are presented at this stage.

Remarketing Campaigns

There is no guarantee for success the first time. Successful campaign requires time, patience and continued efforts to convert leads to sales, potential customers to clients.